Differential Diagnosis in Neurology

The Scope and Purpose of this Project

The scope of this project encompasses diseases and illness of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. It is written for all of those who encounter and treat diseases of the nervous system: medical students, residents and fellows in neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry as well as clinicians in all fields of medicine.

It has been formatted to allow the reader to obtain a quick overview of the illness: general characteristics, clinical manifestations, neuropathology, imaging and laboratory evaluation and how it can be differentiated from other illnesses. Whenever possible, genetic and molecular information (both of which are rapidly evolving) has been provided to anchor the disease in the coming era of personalized medicine.

The clinical manifestations of neurological diseases will not change but new insights into the genetic deficits that cause these conditions are described daily in the medical literature. Hopefully newly described illness can easily be assimilated into the categories that have been organized in this current project. The aim is to provide a tool for a clinician to develop or confirm a differential diagnosis after a detailed history and neurological examination of the patient in front of him.

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